Sunday, August 23, 2009

Who knew bedtime could be so hard?

On July 4th of last year we started out on our property in a 1966 Avion 21' camper with a table and sofa that make into beds. Getting us all to bed at the right time was a nightmare. That small space made for some very interesting family dynamics. Many of the situations that resulted are simply not repeatable. Our wintertime upgrade to a 1955 Spartan Imperial Mansion with a whopping 43' was sorely needed. Now, though, even such a mansion has become too small! I can say that at the present time of 10:00 PM all is quiet inside while I listen to the zillion bugs and frogs joining together in their nightly ensemble outside. I bet the stars are shining bright out there as well. One thing redeeming about life in that cramped camper was that after the kids finally fell asleep, my husband and I would sit outside, discussing our new life in an amazing community while we glimpsed the Milky Way above and fireflies all around us.

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