Sunday, August 23, 2009

Full Circle Living

Life sure is hard on a developing homestead when you have two young daughters! What were my husband and I thinking?? We've been here over a year now and have made a bit of progress switching our lifestyles from urban dwellers to country folk. I profess to my friends that I have come "full circle" in this life-changing move we made. When I was just 20 years old I knew I wanted to have a farm where I grew most of my food and just took in life as I believe humans should--in a slow, deliberate, thankful manner. As a teenager and young adult I became tired of all the want and consumption around me. However, while a college student and in my working life, I became a human filled with want. Once I decided to forsake the career (at least for now and in the fullest sense of a career) and move to southern Appalachia to remake ourselves, I felt free again. But, the work of developing this place is more than I ever knew!!!

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